Suicide, overdose death or was it actually murder. On occasions our investigations have revealed that what was reported as, or believed to be, a suicide or overdose death, was actually murder. We have seen incidents where authorities have "rubber stamped" a death as, suicide or accidental overdose, when circumstances indicate otherwise.
There can be nothing more frustrating for a family after losing a loved one and then being told the death was a suicide or accidental overdose, when they have reason to believe otherwise.
Our Investigation will provide an actual accounting of the events that led up to the death, and in most cases if the death was drug related, identify the individual that provided drugs to the victim.

Also surfacing many times in wrongful death cases are false allegations. If an innocent party is accused of murder or if you have been falsely accused it is imperative that you retain the best possible assistance to defend against the charges or risk being sentenced to years in prison for a crime you were not guilty of.

Investigator Keith M. Kirby, has gained extensive experience investigating death cases of all types over the last 25 years. If you need experienced help, please contact our office by phone, e-mail, or website contact.